New set top box Latest software Download

Dvbs Firmware

New set top box Latest software Download

Pagaria Cobox Original Firmware (Smartcam supported):

Pagaria Cobox Smartcam Software(Openbox Genius): Download

Champion 4000 Hd Smartcam Software (Openbox Genius) :download

1506G-V8.00.07NEW SOFTWARE For Pagaria Cobox: Download

Champion 4000 Hd Dump file( Smartcam): Download

Champion 4000 HD Dump file ( Without smartcam): Download

Skysat Set top box Latest Software Download:

Skysat S2020 Original Firmware: Download

solid set top box Firmware files download: 

solid  HDS2- 6363 wel come software download : Download

Solid 6363 and 6303 autoroll  Wel come software: Download

solid 6363 and 6303 new autorall umang software 2018: download

Solid 6363 U Boot File:Download

solid  HDS2- 6363 Neosat software download : Download

Neosat Software for  Solid HDS2- 6303 firmware  : Download

SOLID HDS2-6105 Firmware Upgrade : Download

solid hds2-6024 firmware Power Vu: Download

solid 6078 firmware download (Original): Download

solid 6033 firmware update ( Openbox x33 ) : Download

solid hds2 6633 ecolink firmware (Power Vu And Youtube): Download

Solid HDS2-6033 Receiver Firmware Power Vu (XCRUISER):Download

SOLID HDS2-6069 Latest Firmware ( Power VU Suported) : Download

solid 6141 xcruiser firmware 500 + HD : Download

openbox x24 Firmware for solid 6141  : Download

solid 6141 official firmware ( Original): Download

solid 6141  hd box firmware update:Download

solid 6141 star track platinum software: Download

solid hds2 6363 firmware (AlphaBox Firmware) : Download

solid 6363 firmware download  ( Original) :Download

solid mstar 9030 firmware software update: Download

Dilos 3018 Power VU Supoted Firmware (Alpha 4x): Download

solid hds2 3000 firmware  ( Original) : Download

solid hds2 9300 firmware  ( Original) : Download

solid hds2 9210 firmware  ( Original) : Download

SOLID HDS2-9048 Firmware / Software for NEW version SOLID H : Download

SOLID HDS2-1740 Firmware/ software : Download

Pagaria set top box Firmware/Software files download

pagaria 5050 set top box firmware/Software : Download

pagaria 6060 set top box firmware: Download

Pagaria 5050/6060 HotStar software : Download

Pagaria 5050/6060 Without HotStar software : Download

(Note : Pagaria box me Without Hotstar Wala Software karne ke baad hi Aap Ka Original Dumb File Update hoga)

GX 6605 for pagaria Fireware :Download

Globalsat 888 Set top box firmware download : Download

sky media 4040 firmware download : Download

New Software for Pagaria 5050/6060 set top box : Download

Pagaria 101 Firmware for 5050 and 6060 :Download

PHM1 Latest software update(Hotstar 333 Firmware)- Download

starsat 2000 hyper software/Firmware file download

Star Sat Hyper New Software SR-2000HD HYPER_V2.15 : Download

TIGER RED Series  Satellite Receivers Software Download

TIGER RED 1020 MINI Satellite Receivers Update Software : Download

TIGER RED 1040 2 set top box Software: Download

TIGER RED 1050 4  Receivers Update Software :Download

Tiger Red R777 Mini Satellite Receivers Update Software :Download

1.Full HD DVB-S2
2. support wifi, youtube, iptv, vod, iks optional
3.chipset sunplus 1506G/C
4. factory support low price, directly productor and exporter

1.Advanced HD mepg 2/Mpeg4/H.264/VC-1 fully DVB-S/S2 compliant
2.IPTV support (Internet TV & Internet Radio)
3.DLNA (DMP,DMR,MDS) & Samba support
4.Network App support(Youtube, dailymotion, Katina tv, dubai tv,livestream)
5.Web photos, Google map, Yahoo weather, Gmail, Rss news
6.USB WIFI, 3 G Modem, GPRS modem Support
7.Upgrade sw & database & keys separate via USB & online FTP server
8.USB boot recovery software system
9.32 favorite groups
10.2 USB host support
11.1 smart card reader
12.fully support 7 days EPG
13.Multi-language (english, french, deutsch, italian, spanish, swetish, porguese, finnish,holland, turkish, arabic, greece, russian, selectable)
14.Max 8000 channels & 2000 transponders
15.Editor channel list on PC

Payment Terms: Sunplus 1506G Wifi 3G Mini HD DVB-S2 digital satellite receiver
Packing: 20pcs/ctn
Lead Time: 25 days
Specifications: box size 12cm*7.5cm*2.5cm
Advantages: Sunplus 1506F Wifi 3G Mini HD DVB-S2 digital satellite receiver
1.Full HD DVB-S2
2. support wifi, youtube, iptv, vod, iks optional
3.chipset sunplus 1506G/C
4. factory support low price, directly productor and exporter
Export Markets: middle east, africa, Europe, South America, North america
Payment Details: TT/DP/LC
Min Order: 1000 PCS
Ship Date: 25 days
Custom Field:

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