Filmazia New Frequency PakSat 1R @ 38° East


Filmazia New Frequency PakSat 1R @ 38° East

Filmazia HD
Owned by LEO Communications (Pvt.) Ltd.
Picture format 4:3 (720p, HDTV)
Slogan Watch It Now!
Country Pakistan
Broadcast area Pakistan
Headquarters Lahore
Sister channel(s) Filmax, FilmWorld, Aruj TV
Paksat 1R 28000-7/8

Filmazia TV New Frequency

Eduard  Ramiz

Channel Name : Filmazia TV
Satellite : Paksat 1R 38.0°E
Transponder :3818 H  6200 3/5
Frequency :3818
Pol :H
Symbolrate : 6200 3/5
Mode : Mpeg 4


Filmazia Entertainment formerly known as Filmazia is a Pakistani Channel which currently broadcasts local and different multinational shows including Turkish, Indian, Russian. It was the first channel that broadcasts Pakistani Movies from the Pakistani Movie Industry Lollywood. Its sister channel Filmax broadcasts English movies while its other sister channel Film World airs Bollywood films.

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