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Echo Link El-7000 PK UK & USA Price

Satelite Dish Receivers New Prices 2018

Name Echo Link El-7000 PK UK & USA Price
Price Today 03.07.2018
UK €24.82
USA $28
PK RS.3500

How Does a Digital Satellite Receiver Work?


Just like cable TV, satellite TV can only be availed through paid subscription. Since TV signals transmitted via satellite are indiscriminately broadcast on a large area, these signals need to be encrypted so that only subscribers are able to view the shows and programs on the hundreds of channels that are offered by a satellite TV service. Inside each digital satellite receiver is a chip that can unlock and decode the signal. The security measure that this chip performs is unique for each satellite TV service provider. Thus non-subscribers who may have their own satellite dishes and digital receivers are unable to watch the shows on their television sets, even though they may physically pick up the signal.

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