Btv National Frequency Latest Biss Keys 2018

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BTV National Frequency AND Biss Key On Asiasat 7 2018
BTV National Frequency AND Biss Key On Asiasat 7 2018


Satellite : Asiasat 7 at 105.5E
Channel Name : BTV National
BTV National Transponder : 3691 H 11396
BTV National Frequency : 3691
Pol :  H
BTV National Symbol rate : 11396
System  SID 000B
Quality : Mpeg4 HD

BTV National  Biss  Key: D2 BE 5A EA BC 67 F8 1B

Asiasat is based in Hong Kong with two major shareholders, CITIC (34.8 per cent) and General Electric
(34.1 per cent). It was Founded in 1988. Its Asia’s (India,Pakistan & other countries) no. 1 Satellite.
Its mostly tuned in these countries. It has a lot of popular channels like entertainment, dramas, movies, news,
music & others. Most of its channels are in Urdu & Hindi Languages and some channels are in English. It is situated
in the orbit of 105.0 degrees East. Its signals status (quality,level) is very strong. Its not difficult to install.

Currently Asiasat7 at 105.0E has 200+ fta(free to air) and scramble(encrypted) channels & its growing day by day.
Its Network has

Useful Information

PowerVu Key biss Dcw is a 16 To 32 digit code to unlock scrambled channels on FTA dish.
Purchase satellite receiver which has Powervu keys option, otherwise, you will not be able to unlock Powervu keys channels.
Go to your required TP to tune your desired channel, if it is not available by default in your receiver add it manually.
Symbol rate, polarity & frequency should be the same when you tune your channels.Sometimes keys are changed by the channels administrations, we will update if it will happen.
We get Powervu Biss Dcw keys from open source, and it is for informational purpose only


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