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Biss Key MCOT On Thaicom Satellite 5 and Thaicom 6

Biss Key MCOT. So you have to subscribe to pay tv like orange tv, nekmedia, trans vision to enjoy live broadcast of football game this french league, but you do not be discouraged already I found tv frequency channel that show french league or Ligue 1 with FTA format or free ie station MCOT channel SD and MCOT HD on Thaicom 5 and Thaicom6 satellites and always randomized it will require valid MCOT key code to open it and to compress the channel from abroad which you can scan automatically or manually to add the latest channels.

Frekuensi Dan Biss Key MCOT


Nama Channel Satelit Kode Biss Key Frekuensi Symbolrate Mode
MCOT Channel SD Thaicom 5 67 14 FC 77 50 17 FF 66 3920 H 30000 Mpeg2
MCOT Channel HD Thaicom 6 11 12 22 45 33 34 44 AB 3520 H 28125 Mpe

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