Biss Key Latest Spanish Liga Tonight Today

Biss Dcw

Biss Key Latest Spanish League. Channel Tv Indonesia that sung the Spanish league is held by SCTV one of Indonesia national sawasta TV and from overseas there are some channel names like familiar no longer that Feed, Ch8 SD, SBS one, but the Spanish league broadcast is usually randomized, then the way out looking for code biss Spanish league key usually after 5 minutes randomized and already available in forums and on facebook about Biss key code.

Nama Channel Satelit Biss Key Frekuensi Symbolrate
FEED Satelit:
Asiasat 5
 16 75 AB 36 DC 36 78 8A 3900 V 15000
CH8 SD Thaicom 5 7235 2AD1 CF31 1919 3800 H 30000
CH8HD Thaicom6 18A6 8F4D 015E 7FDE 3800 H 30000


Nama Channel Satelit Biss Key Frekuensi Symbolrate
SBS One HD Optus D1 Tidak di acak /FTA/mpeg4 12407 H 12600
SCTV Palalpa D 6A5C2EF45D3C8F28 3999 H 8500


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