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Sony Pictures Networks India (105.5°E) Encryption PowerVu Videoguard

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Sony Pictures Networks India (105.5°E)

Sony Picture Network

Sony BBC Earth South Asia

Video MPEG-4
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Frequency : 4180 V 30000 (MPEG4 HD/$)
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New : CAID 00F0

Provider ID: 0041F

Date: 30/04/2018
Sony Wah
Sony Pix South Asia
Sony BBC Earth
Sony Yay!
Ten Sports Pakistan
Sony Le Plex
Sony SAB TV Asia
Sony BBC Earth
Sony Rox
Sony Ten 1 HD
Sony Ten Golf HD

Frequency: 4180
Symbol Rate: 30000
Polarity: V
Sony Pictures Networks India (105.5°E)
PowerVu & No NDS Cams

Provider ID 0041F

CAID 0F00 : 00 : 9B A0 B0 D4 5F 0A 93

CAID 0F00 : 01 : 78 5E 6A FF 44 D7 A9

BBC Earth is a documentary subscription television channel featuring premium factual programming. The channel is wholly owned and operated by BBC Worldwide. Originally set to roll out internationally in 2014, it was later announced it would launch in 2015, starting in Poland

softcam,Add txt files Updates 31/01/2018
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P 0150 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Wah
P 0150 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Wah
P 0160 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Pix South Asia
P 0160 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Pix South Asia
P 0170 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony BBC Earth
P 0170 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony BBC Earth
P 0180 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Yay!
P 0180 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Yay!
P 07C0 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Yay!
P 07C0 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Yay!
P 0860 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Yay!
P 0860 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Yay!
P 0470 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Le Plex HD
P 0470 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Le Plex HD
P 0480 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony SAB TV HD
P 0480 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony SAB TV HD
P 0490 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony BBC Earth HD
P 0490 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony BBC Earth HD
P 04A0 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony ROX HD
P 04A0 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony ROX HD
P 04B0 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Ten 1 HD
P 04B0 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Ten 1 HD
P 04C0 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;Sony Ten Golf HD
P 04C0 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;Sony Ten Golf HD
P 0190 00 113754C6C0CEE1 ;TEN PAKISTAN
P 0190 01 785E6AFF44D7A9 ;TEN PAKISTAN

Sony BBC Earth India New PowerVu Key 2018
In October 2013, the BBC announced that in 2014 it would rollout 3 new brands – BBC Earth, BBC First, and BBC Brit, with BBC Earth to be dedicated to premium factual programming. It was later announced that the channel would air series such as Frozen Planet and Wonders of the Universe. In addition, roughly 30 hours of new content would be ordered for the channel in its first year. The channel is set to replace BBC Knowledge; however, if the existing channel is successful in certain markets, it may continue to operate.
International roll-out

BBC Earth premiered in Poland on 1 February 2015, replacing BBC Knowledge.
Nordic Regions

BBC Earth replaced BBC Knowledge in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland on 13 April 2015.

BBC Earth replaced BBC Knowledge on 14 April 2015.

On 14 April 2015, BBC Earth was launched in Romania, replacing BBC Knowledge.

BBC Earth launched in Turkey, replacing BBC Knowledge, on 14 April 2015.
Latin America

BBC Earth launched in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela on 1 September 2015, replacing BBC HD. On 13 April 2017, the channel was ceased its transmissions only for Latin America along with BBC Entertainment and CBeebies.
South Africa

The channel launched in South Africa replacing BBC Knowledge on 1 September 2015.

In Asia, BBC Earth launched in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam on 3 October 2015, replacing BBC Knowledge. In the Philippines, it was launch on 1 April 2017 along with BBC World News. On 12 September 2017, it was announced to be launch via Laosat DTH in Laos.[18] In Myanmar, the channel was available via Sky Net.
Eastern Europe

BBC Earth premiered in Eastern European countries on 1 January 2016, replacing BBC Entertainment.

In Greece, the channel was launched at Cosmote TV on 1 October 2017.
Main article: Sony BBC Earth

BBC have entered into a joint venture with Multi Screen Media to launch the channel in India, branded as Sony BBC Earth. It was launched on 6 March 2017, following regulatory approval of the joint venture. Kareena Kapoor is the ambassador for this channel
Main article: BBC Earth (Canada)

On December 6, 2016, BBC Worldwide and Canadian media company Blue Ant Media announced plans to launch a Canadian version of BBC Earth. The channel launched on January 24, 2017 and on February 18, 2017 will host the Canadian premiere of Planet Earth II, on the same date as the United States, where it will air on BBC America.BBC Earth replaced Blue Ant Media’s radX. Due to foreign ownership restrictions by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the channel is fully owned by Blue Ant Media, with the BBC Earth brand and programming licensed from BBC Worldwide.

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