All Strong New Frequency On Paksat 1R 38 º East Satellite Tv


PakSat 1R @ 38° East

All Strong New Frequency On Paksat 1R 38 º East Satellite Tv


Channel Name Quality Frequency Pol Symbolrate
A plus Europa MPEG-2 4120Mhz V 2.140
Hope TV MPEG-2 4105Mhz V 2.800
Geo Me MPEG-2 4172Mhz V 2.300
Kohinoor TV MPEG-2 4168Mhz V 2.800
Channel 5 MPEG-2 3979Mhz V 2.074
Royal TV MPEG-2 4141Mhz V 2.800
PTV Bolan MPEG-2 3856Mhz V 2.890
PTV Multan MPEG-2 3984Mhz V 2.800
Waqt TV MPEG-2 4046Mhz V 3.250
Business Plus MPEG-2 4124Mhz V 5.000
Zaiqa TV MPEG-2 4124Mhz V 5.000
VSH TV MPEG-2 3991.5Mhz V 2.170
Punjab TV MPEG-2 4144Mhz V 2.170
KTN Network MPEG-2 3973Mhz V 6.510
KTN Entertainment MPEG-2 3973Mhz V 6.510
Kashish MPEG-2 3973Mhz V 6.510
KTN News MPEG-2 3973Mhz V 6.510
Mehran TV MPEG-2 4180Mhz V 2.170
Sindh News MPEG-2 3762Mhz V 4.34
Mehran TV MPEG-2 4180Mhz V 2.170
Sindh TV MPEG-2 3762Mhz V 4.34
Apna News MPEG-2 3959Mhz V 7.234
AbbTakk MPEG-2 3959Mhz V 7.234
8XM MPEG-2 3959Mhz V 7.234
Apna Channel MPEG-2 3966Mhz V 2.800
Health TV MPEG-2 3806Mhz V 1.444
Filmazia MPEG-2 3818Mhz V 6.200
Filmazia MPEG-2 4020Mhz V 27700
Film World MPEG-2 3818Mhz V 6.200
Filmax MPEG-2 3818Mhz V 6.200
Aruj TV MPEG-2 3818Mhz V 6.200
92 News MPEG-2 4073Mhz V 5.700
Ravi TV MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
Flmaria MPEG-2 4037Mhz H 4800
Indus Vision MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
Star Asia News MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
K21 News MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
Dharti TV MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
Vibe TV MPEG-2 4005Mhz H 13.845
AJK TV MPEG-2 3984Mhz V 2.800
NEO TV MPEG-2 4042Mhz V 2.800
Sabaq TV MPEG-2 4060Mhz H 23.000
Sahar 2 MPEG-2 4060Mhz H 23.000
Press TV MPEG-2 4060Mhz H 23.000
IFilm English MPEG-2 4060Mhz H 23.000
ATV MPEG-2 4081Mhz V 3.255
VTV 1 (V.U)
VTV 2 (V.U)
VTV 3 (V.U)
VTV 4 (V.U)
4158Mhz V 12.000
4090Mhz V 3.330
Jalwa TV MPEG-2
3824Mhz V 2.800
Metro 1 News MPEG-2
3782Mhz V 2.500
Ahelbait TV
Noor TV
Venus TV
Zindagi TV
3715Mhz V 7.200
3833Mhz V 2.600
Capital TV MPEG-2
4184Mhz V 2.800
AVT Channels
AVT Khyber
Khyber News
Kay 2
MPEG-2 3800Mhz V 7.300
City42 TV
Channel 24


3770Mhz V 7.700
Awaz TV Network MPEG-2
4093Mhz V 2.527
TV One Global
News One
Waseb TV
4114Mhz V 5.700
Dawn News MPEG-2
4085Mhz V 2.960
PTV Home
PTV News
PTV Global
PTV World
4003Mhz V 2.893
PTV Sports MPEG-2
4003Mhz V 1.5550
$Public News MPEG-2
11070Mhz V 2082
$PTV K Feed MPEG-4
4054Mhz V 7000
4056Mhz V 7000

PakSat-1R (or PakSat-1 Replacement) is an advanced geosynchronous and communications satellite that was manufactured by China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) and operated by the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco), an executive space authority of the government of Pakistan.

The PakSat-1R was developed and built as a geostationary telecommunications satellite and was launched from Xichang, China, at 16:15 UTC on 11 August 2011. Launched on the Long March 3B rocket, the satellite has a design life of 15 years with initial goals to provide broadband internet access, digital television broadcasting, remote and rural telephony, emergency communications, tele-education and tele-medicine services across South and Central Asia, Eastern Europe, East Africa and the Far East. The satellite successfully took over the operations of its predecessor, the PakSat-1E satellite leased by Pakistan, in geostationary orbit at 38° East.



PAKSAT-1R is being used across the region by TV Broadcasters for uplinking, Satellite News Gathering and Contribution links.

High performance transponders supporting TV broadcast and HDTV programming across the region.

Direct one hop access into premium UK and mainland Europe cable and DTH platforms through a network of strategically located mediaport partners.

Convenient turnaround via fiber from UK to North America for cost effective access to US and Canadian cable and DTH head-ends.

High-power beam for robust cellular back-haul connectivity across S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.

Ideal for cost effective IP trunking from UK and Mainland Europe into S. Asia, Middle East, Africa and parts of Central Asia.


PAKSAT is ideally suited for businesses and enterprises seeking a cost effective and reliable solution for their connectivity requirements. A number of data network operators are successfully using PAKSAT to offer enterprise connectivity solutions in various sectors like banks, oil companies, health, education and construction. These connectivity solutions are based on latest technologies including;




PAKSAT enable businesses highly cost effective means to deploy mission critical applications, regardless of the location and remoteness of their offices. Some typical applications deployed using PAKSAT include;

Web Access

Corporate Network

Voice over IP

Video Conferencing


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